2010-07-26 00:06:35 by combatplayer

i havent really realeased anything lately but dont worry.. its not like i quit or anything.. actually quite the oposite. you will get further details later on, trust me on that.

Contact-1: CombatPlayer 1

Contact-2: CC+

Contact-3:CombatPlayer 2

MSN: combat_7544@hotmail.com (write in your invite that youre from newgrounds please or ill deny it)

16-08-2010: uh oh, i made this btw... considder it further details

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2011-02-20 09:47:41

hey man, that cradle song is still reallyyyy nice :D

combatplayer responds:

thanks dude. we are working to finishing up the game atm. theres loads of music put into it, however i'm stuck on a lot of it... if you have a mail or something id like some input on some of it. i cant really put it up here or youtube since its not supposed to be public yet so yeah :D

doesn't matter if its just a mail, messenger, yahoo, skype or you name it, i got it all.
if you would rather not thats fine too lol