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just such a chame that the roller coasters doesnt work in multiplayer yet T,T

hmm pretty good

it looks cool.. cool track and it have a nice storyline.. oh and yeah.. your replay buton DOES work... at me atleast


that was extremely good....

very very fast loading time for a movie that length and quality too....

you had a little but in the second section tho, where sonic scratches his head, looks like hes scratching the mushroom dude in the backs head too.... dont know if it was a bug but it looked like one..

awesome flash. front page soon? =P

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ended up with:

1.197.789 G
All cities.
all ranks in both clans.
best ship with a pretty good crew with all best equipment.
going from -100 to +100 in reputation to get all achevements.
7 hours less to find something to do in.

its insanely addictive. however you could have made the achevements go to the NG profile too =P

kinda hard

i like it =D

only got to level 7 at 86% tho.... on normal mode xD

thumbs up

nice one :D

its awsome.. and those 6000.. i think thats the right amaunt.. i used 'ingame' 28 days to achieving 6249. so its hard but duabel.. great game... 5/5 10/10

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its pretty good, but it feels a little empty. i feel like it wouldve benefitted from having the beat start earlier and having amore rich climax with maybe some longer notes in the background, to shape a more solid ground for the line you had going, if that makes sense. and then a bass of some kind. and upright bass or something similar.
while at the same time i dont really know much about this style of music so i might just be misunderstanding the point-
none the less it still feels a little empty.

OcularNebula responds:

you're absolutely right

a bass would have been nice, and I tried adding some sparse percussion to the first half, but they ended up obscuring the vibes a bit too much for my liking, so I took them out

the problem I think is that the vibes themselves are quite weak sounding, so they can't really compete with any additional instruments unless they are really subtle as well, which is certainly a limitation of this piece

good review, and your own productions sound very nice!

i really like your melody, but the track seems incomplete. you need a baseline to go with it and some better mixing. with some more time put into this it could become really really good.

Lone-X responds:

I was trying to go for something calming. Thanks for the critique! :-)

amazing as always... do we even have to keep telling you? lol

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i agree with the others

nice picture and awesome drawing skills =P she reminds me of one of the girls from the anime "Golden Boy" xD


its so simple... so darn simple... and yet... i love it xD.. its so deep that it almost looks like a hole in my screen xD.. its good... or better... xD id say its far the best of your backgrounds so far.

im not scouted myself so i cant scout you. but i did recoment you. thats all i can do for now mate..

The-Chosen1 responds:

*grinn* Thanks a lot :) I'm really gratefull you like it.
If you have suggestions, or if you think this background would be better in another color just PM me :)

I'm always open to new ideas and critism

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