First album!

2012-02-19 00:08:23 by combatplayer

ok guys, i know i've been pretty much dead for the longest time, but now i finally have something to show you!

My first album ever!

that is a link to my first album ever, if you buy it, you will both support me and the little company i'm part of, Dischan.
(and receive some nice music ofc.)

oh and this too if you want something to listen to that wont cost you anything: a newly released track on youtube

First album!


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2012-02-19 02:50:20

Congratulations! I'm trying to get my first album ready for release lol, but i have to edit and master and shit >_>

combatplayer responds:

lol thanks. good luck with the mastering and all, always interesting with new stuff :)


2012-04-13 15:49:01

Just bought your album. It's a shame you aren't known more! Respect!

combatplayer responds:

oh hey, thanks, man. feel free to do some commercial if you want xD

i dont have all that much in terms of options when it comes to doing commercial, so it's mostly mouth to mouth and the ones that played the Cradle song preview or junipers knot, though not all that many of those care enough about the music to look it up. saddening in a way lol.


2012-06-08 23:33:22

So I recently played the Cradle Song demo AND Juniper's Knot and I just had to find out who was responsible for the amazing moosic. The Devblog led me to your album, I listed to a few songs and loved it, and the price was very affordable so I went and bought it! I've gotta say, it was worth every penny!

Some of my favorites to play on Audiosurf are Untenable, Rise, and Off Time. Oh and One Hundred Seconds has an amazing beat too. I just love the music style overall, especially the faster tracks. I could praise the music even more but I think you get the point haha. Once Cradle Song is officially released, I am confident you will get the exposure you and your music deserves. Hope to see more releases soon and if you have another album release, I'll be one of the first to buy!

combatplayer responds:

thanks a lot man!
really glad you like it, there will most certainly be more music where it came from so just keep an open eye out for dischan stuff!

it happens i put things on youtube too but thats pretty rare. only two exclusives on there i think.