music sales on hold temporarily

2015-07-29 09:09:53 by combatplayer

all my music is being taken offline temporarily. i'm switching to publishing and selling on my own, which requires a complete reupload of all my things. so it might be gone for a little while till i get it back online.

on the bright side, this will now include bandcamp and i will also make a store of my own at some point down the line. i'll post again whenever theres something more to say.


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2015-07-29 10:50:54

bandcamp is def the way to go temporarily until you make something you is custom made i'm assuming. do you mean like a website you could your music/merch off of? you could easily find someone on here who would be willing to help you work on a site, unless you'd probably do it lol

(Updated ) combatplayer responds:

i have people to help me make the website, i wouldn't trust my personal web-development abilities with something as big as a website lol. also i'm currently putting my album "Combat's Sweet Music" onto bandcamp, so by the time you see this, it should be live. "Planck" is going to come later as i'm having some trouble getting a hold of the original files. corrupted .zip files and a dead harddrive etc. but it'll be there soon.

edit, here it is:
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