Entry #13

All stuff back online + small giveaway

2015-08-13 09:29:57 by combatplayer

All my music is now back online over on bandcamp, as well as submitted to itunes, spotify, apple music, amazon and you name it. 

as a thanks to all the people that has supported me on here, i'll give a key of your choice for either Planck or Combat's Sweet Music to the first few people that comment on here, maximum 10 though, if that many even see these posts. For the first two commenters i'll give 3 codes for whichever album you picked, so not only you but also your friends, family or pet can have some too.

These codes are for bandcamp only, though. they can be redeemed through this link or by clicking the little "redeem code" button on the side of my bandcamp profile.


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2015-08-13 13:22:21

Me! Please?

combatplayer responds:

your keys have been delivered :D


2015-08-13 13:49:59

Congrats on your stuff being back online! :D Can't wait to see more from you. o3o

combatplayer responds:

thank you :D
more should be out soon!
i've sent you your keys in a PM