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hey people

2009-12-25 21:36:32 by combatplayer

when you look by my profile in here i'd recoment you to check out my youtube channel too. if you like my stuff in here then i'm certain that you'll love the channel. it got allot of the same tracks, just with music videos added to them and a few clips i made long ago, while figuring out how to use the different features. yeah well.. check it out. peace everyone ^^

(theres a link under the "my website" thing over to the left side BTW)

oh and yeah. i made a new logo. hope u like it, cus im making allot more too :D it got introduced along with the video for my track "Harmonic Breakdown" which also is on youtube.

hey people


2009-10-27 11:13:59 by combatplayer

I'm curently working on a Collab with TUNEIT.. I'm pretty shure is gonna be awesome, so keep a look out for that. ^_~

I don't know if it'll be uploaded from my or his profile though... But i gues time will tell. =P

ARGH..! inspiration -_-''

2009-05-19 16:42:12 by combatplayer


im totaly out of inspiration atm. it happens i get a sudden idea and just make a song, so ill still upload onnce in a wile..

But im mostly looking for ppl i can do collabs with now. i wana train my skills in mastering and stuff like that.. best way to do that is to use them.. but i dont make allot anymore so i need collab partners..

Oh and a important thing...
I ALWAYS needs singers and writers.. if anyone who see this can sing or write and and maybe even both then please let me know if u or someone u know wana try making a set of lyricks or maybe just preform them if i get a set then tell me. im open for everything... anyone who wana try singing, writing, remixing or maybe remake one of my songs are more than welcome. just remember to tell or ask me first.. i hope someone will help me finish up my tracks...

Oh and ofcurse.. THANKS a THOUSAND TIMES and maybe even MORE for the people who allredy tried or are trying atm. for the help..
Im very greatfull^^

cya later ppl^^ and if u wana say something then say it.. its always a plesang suprice when theres a PM in the box^^